No Need to Panic; It’s Just a Remote-Controlled Flying Robot Dragon

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Rick Hamel

Here’s a video of a remote-controlled robotic dragon that also breathes fire. Why? Because as scary as dragons seem in fantasy novels, now we finally know that their aerodynamics pass muster in the real world.

Rick Hamel, an RC vehicle modeler, spent a year building the so-called “Mythical Beast,” which won Best in Show at Weak Signals’ RC model show in Toledo, Ohio. The dragon has 600  hand-painted scales, uses helium for lift and small electric fans for thrust, and conceals a P80 kerosene turbine for breathing fire. The whole thing sounds appropriately hazardous.

The dragon’s best feature, however, might be the mechanical screech it makes during flight. At least that way we’ll know to take cover if Hamel mass produces an army of flying robot dragon minions.

More videos below.



(via TechCrunch)