Google Docs Adds More than 450 Fonts, 60 New Templates

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Google Docs (now with Google Drive!) was always convenient, but it was also kind of bland. Not that we expect creating cloud-based documents to be as fun as kite-surfing or anything; still, a few more aesthetic choices would be nice.

Well, typography nerds, your prayers have been answered. Today on the always riveting Google Docs blog, Google announced that it is adding more than 450 new fonts. That’s right, you can choose from such fine typefaces as Nova Slim, Happy Monkey and the strangely ominous Nothing You Could Do.

All you have to do is go to the “Fonts” menu, scroll to the bottom and click “Add Fonts.” Then simply pick out each one you want to add to your main font menu. Why doesn’t Google Docs automatically give you all 450-plus fonts instead of making you pick out each one individually?

Because most of them are simply terrible. I wouldn’t wish Luckiest Guy or Rock Salt on my worst enemy. Still, if you take the time to sift, you can actually find some good fonts worth using. There are also 60 new templates so you can quickly whip up documents such as resumes, newsletters and invoices.

Microsoft Office may be uninspired, but it does have more features than Google Docs. If Google can catch up on features while offering the benefits of the cloud, you could see more people defecting from Office permanently.

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