Transforming Robot Is More Than Meets the Eye, Turns into a Car

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Remember when playing with Transformers took something called “imagination?” No more! Soon Transformers — err, I mean Brave Robots — will do all the work themselves.

According to the above YouTube video, this is Kenji Ishida’s eighth iteration of the Brave Robot series. This baby is equipped with 22 servo motors, a smooth driving motion and the jittery walk of a man who has had 20 cups of coffee.

Sadly, it doesn’t appear that you can buy Brave Robot anywhere. Like other creations in the “Shut Up and Take My Money” category of DIY toys, which includes the mini-Star Wars arcade game and the Super Mario Kart exercise bike, Brave Robot should be available to the masses.

Or, at the very least they could send their cool inventions to the TIME office. I could really use a transforming robot intern.

[via Engadget]

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