New Details About Apple’s Upcoming ‘Spaceship’ Campus Revealed

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Remember Apple’s futuristic “spaceship” campus? Well, it looks like it’s gone beyond the fancy renderings stage to the ask-the-neighbors-for-permission stage.

Apple is reportedly sending out brochures to residents living near its future “Campus 2” area. One of those neighbors sent the brochure to 9to5 Mac so what we could all collectively imagine how cool it would be to work in a giant office that looks like a spaceship.

What will this new technological wonderland look like? It will be big, housing 13,000 employees, which is 3,000 more than the 1 Infinite Loop campus.

It will also be green. Apple is planning to get LEED certification for the building, meaning a third-party has verified that it meets certain standards in the areas of “sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.”

Not to mention its rooftop is planned to be one of the biggest corporate solar installations in the entire world.

Sadly, Apple fans won’t be able to visit the campus, as it’s “not open to the public, so there is no museum or corporate store,” according to the brochure. There will, however, be a “world class” auditorium for product launches and corporate events, which means at least a few non-Apple employees will get to see it.

It also looks like Apple is on schedule; the company said last year that it expects the campus to be done by 2015, and apparently that hasn’t changed.

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