Overhauled Google iPhone App: Full-Screen Image Results, Faster Search

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Using Google to look up random stuff in social situations is one of the joys of owning an iPhone. Sadly, the search experience using Google’s iPhone app so far has been pretty unimpressive.

Google is looking to remedy that with version 2.0 of the Google Search app, now available for iOS in the App Store. It supposedly loads faster, gives you autocomplete suggestions quicker and lets you swipe back and forth between webpages and your search results.

A swipe-able menu at the bottom of the screen lets you switch between images, places, news and other search categories. You can also search within a page by using the built-in text finder.

Probably the most exciting development is the new and improved image search. No more zooming in on tiny, hard-to-see tiles. Now you’ll get a full-screen grid, with fun features like the ability to hold down on an image to save it to your camera roll.

And just in case typing with your fingers or using your voice is too inconvenient, you can always search by snapping a picture using the Google Goggles feature. Useful in everyday life? Not really! But hey, you could seriously impress someone if you happen to be standing next to the Mona Lisa.

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