This Bed Makes Itself – We Shall Call It ‘Smart Bed’

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OHEA / YouTube

Back in my day, we didn’t have fancy computers in our pockets or robots that vacuumed the floor. Nowadays, kids don’t even have to make their own beds — as long as they have the new OHEA Smart Bed.

This is how it works. Little Joey gets out of bed and runs off to watch cartoons or whatever kids do these days, leaving the bed unmade. Lids then lift on both sides of the bed and two mechanical arms emerge, each finding the cord that is attached to the duvet.

The duvet is then pulled all the way to the top of the bed as the pillows are straightened and lifted into the air. The whole process takes only 50 seconds, which might or might not be fast, as I have never timed how long it takes me to make my own bed.

In automatic mode, this happens three seconds after you get out of bed, so you can stand and watch it happen while contemplating how lazy you are. OHEA, which is based in Spain, says the self-making bed will stop moving if someone enters the bed and that the extra energy usage won’t drive up your electric bill.

So what’s the downside? Well, you can’t buy your own sheets, duvet covers or pillows. Also, while the price hasn’t been released yet, I’m assuming that it will cost more than a normal bed, making you feel like a sucker as other, smarter people use their arms to make their less-expensive beds.

The company’s FAQ, however, answers what’s really on our minds:

What happens if the bed-making mechanism is damaged?

You would simply have to make the bed manually until a technician resolves the issue.

Make the bed? Manually? Perhaps OHEA is unaware of why someone would buy the bed in the first place.

[via Digital Trends]

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