L.A. Confidential: Live Coverage of Microsoft’s Mystery Event

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Getty Images / illustration

It may be the most cryptic invitation I’ve ever received to anything. The Microsoft e-mail asked me to come to an event in Los Angeles on Monday, saying it was “major” and informing me that I didn’t want to miss it. But it didn’t hint at the subject. It didn’t say where in LA it would be. (Attendees will be informed on Monday.) It’s even willfully vague on the timing: The doors open at 3:30 PT, but it’s not clear when the presentation will start.

Microsoft, in other words, appears to be trying to out-Apple Apple when it comes to generating intrigue for a press event. It’s certainly unlike Microsoft’s standard approach to these announcements; normally, the company almost seems to go out if its way to avoid surprises.

Sharon Waxman and Alexander Kaufman of The Wrap are reporting that the topic will be a Microsoft-branded tablet. I’ll be in the audience in LA and on the edge of my seat until we know for sure–and as Microsoft spills its beans, I’ll liveblog the news at

Join us at…well, I can’t tell you exactly when the proceedings will kick off, but I’ll try to be begin our live coverage at 6:45pm ET/3:45pm PT.