Going to Comic-Con? Come to My Panel on the Future of Graphic Novels

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Contrary to popular belief, only a tiny percentage of Comic-Con attendees (not including me) don costumes, as this young person did in this 2005 photo.

I’ve been going to Comic-Con in San Diego off and on–but mostly on–since 1988. Back then, 8000 people turned out, and it seemed like an awful lot at the time. This year, something in the neighborhood of 125,000 will attend from the evening of July 11 through July 15. Any more, and they’d have to expand the San Diego Convention Center–which, in fact, they’re planning to do.

I’m attending once again this year. And for the first time, I’m delighted to say, I’ll not only be attending scads of panels but also moderating one. The title is “The Future of Graphic Novels,” and the subject is how tablets and other technologies will change comics over the next few years.

We have a nifty lineup of panelists, including Daniel Cooney (creator of Valentine), Olivia d’Abo (the voice of Star Sapphire in Justice League: Doom), Brian Haberlin (co-creator of Witchblade), Mike Norton (known for Runaways and Gravity), Doug TenNapel (creator of Earthworm Jim) and Steve Yatson (senior director of productivity and graphics at Smith Micro Software, which offers a variety of applications for cartoonists, illustrators and animators).

We’re on Saturday night, July 14 at 7pm in Room 4 at the Convention Center. If you’re among the 125,000, please join and and be part of what should be an interesting conversation. (Here’s the complete schedule for all four days of Comic-Con, in case you need it.)