‘You’ve Got Mail’ Chrome Extension Lets You Check Gmail like It’s 1998

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You've Got Gmail

Ah, remember the days when our AOL accounts told us “You’ve got mail!” and Meg Ryan was in movies sometimes? Well, now you can surf the World Wide Web like it’s the late ’90s with the new You’ve Got Mail extension for Google Chrome.

You don’t need a floppy disk to install this fine program. Just add it from the Google Chrome Store and every time you get a new email in your Gmail account the unmistakable voice of Elwood Edwards will tell you that you, in fact, have got mail.

If it gets annoying, you can always mute the program by clicking on the icon in the Chrome toolbar and it will show you how many emails are in your inbox instead, just like the Google Mail Checker extension.

But wait, why stop there? Download the Dialup Nostalgia extension to make that terrible dial-up modem sound whenever you open Google Chrome. For an authentic ’90s experience, periodically complain to your mom every time she picks up the phone.

Sadly, I was unable find a Flying Toasters app. You have failed me, Internet.

[via Digital Inspiration]

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