Help Us Choose the Year’s Best Websites

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It’s a sacred tradition stretching back at least to 2002: Each year, we pick the 50 best websites and pay tribute to them here on And this year, we’d like you to help do the picking.

So consider this an official request for nominations, which you can provide in the comments on this post. We’re not looking for the obvious ones. (We can figure out that Google is pretty cool on our own.) What we’d like are suggestions of sites we might otherwise miss, because they’re new, obscure and/or unusual. And we need them in a bunch of categories:

  • Music & Video
  • Family & Kids
  • Sports
  • News & Info
  • Financial & Productivity
  • Shopping & Travel
  • Health & Fitness
  • Social Media
  • Games
  • Education

You can name a site because it’s useful; you can name it because it’s fun; you can name it because it’s just plain cool. Most of the best ones are all of the above.

We TIME editors have also been discussing candidates among ourselves, and we’ll seek advice on Twitter and Facebook, too. So speak up, please, and tell us what makes your favorites so special. If a site you mentioned makes the cut, you can take full credit for it being there.

For context, here are our picks from the three past years: 2011, 2010 and 2009.