ReadyCase iPhone Case Features USB Drive/Kickstand, Multi-tool and More

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I’m not really an iPhone case guy, but this ReadyCase makes a compelling argument.

It’s only about a tenth of an inch thick, yet the backside houses an interchangeable photo lens ring, 8- or 16-gigabyte USB thumb drive that doubles as a kickstand, headphone clip, and a multi-tool.

The case is “made of aerospace grade composite materials” and $40 will get you in the door as an early backer – the case is being funded at Indiegogo with a goal of $15,000 by late October.

To my mind, the coolest feature is the multi-tool, which sports a standard blade, serrated blade, screwdriver and bottle opener. I’d be a bit wary about trying to get it past airport security, though. I’d settle for just a bottle opener and screwdriver instead of the two blades if it made things any easier. Maybe just a bottle opener. Or maybe I just buy $40 worth of fancy beer and stay home to avoid trouble altogether. That’s what my parole officer recommends anyway.

As a bonus, early supporters will get ReadyCase bodies that fit the iPhone 4/4S and the new iPhone 5. Here’s a demo video for the product, too:

ReadyCase [Indiegogo via TechCrunch]