Bad Piggies by Angry Birds Maker Lets You Anger the Birds Instead

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Maybe there really are two sides to every story. Did anyone ever stop to ask the villainous pigs from Angry Birds why they keep stealing the birds’ eggs? I mean, we humans eat birds’ eggs all the time – rarely, if ever, asking permission. Of course they’re angry.

Bad Piggies, from the same people behind Angry Birds, lets you play as the pigs. Instead of building crude, rickety structures for the birds to try to destroy, you’ve evolved to cobble together “the ultimate flying machine” to be piloted from one location to the next. Initial comments on the iPhone app seem to indicate that the game is like Angry Birds but with more thought involved. I’ll let you decide whether that’s a pro or a con.

The game is currently available on iOS, Android and the Mac App Store, with PC, Windows 8 and Windows Phone versions coming soon. And yes, it was weird typing that there will be a PC version and a Windows 8 version.

Bad Piggies [Rovio]