Facebook Rolls Out Promoted Posts: Update Your Status like You Mean It

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You there. You’re important, no? Then why are your Facebook friends not giving your status updates the attention they deserve? Sure, your new and slightly-misspelled “Amercica: Tehse Colors Donut Run!” tattoo successfully drummed up some discussion, but every update since then seems to have fallen upon deaf ears. No more!

Starting today, Facebook is rolling out promoted posts to users in the U.S. – the very same place where the aforementioned colors donut run. If the feature has been activated for your account, you should see a little “Promote” link under your posts, like so:


Should you opt to exercise your newfound powers of promotion on a particularly awesome status update, “you bump it higher in news feed so your friends and subscribers are more likely to notice it,” says Facebook. You’ll also be privy to stats such as how many more times your post has been seen because you opted to promote it.

There’s no official word on how much it’ll cost to promote your musings, but The Verge reports that a company spokesperson said “the initial cost per post should be around $7.00.”