Netbot: Good News for’s Anti-Twitter Insurrection

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Screenshot / Harry McCracken

A couple of months ago, I got excited about, Dalton Caldwell's social network which was both a Twitter clone and an anti-Twitter. (It looks and works much like Twitter once did, but charges for service and aims to welcome developers of third-party clients rather than brush them off.)

I paid $50 to get in — the price was recently lowered to $36 — and had fun chatting with the smart early adopters who were using the service. But I found myself using it less and less. Not because there was anything wrong with it. It's just that I have a larger group of friends and acquaintances on Twitter, discussing a broader range of topics. And I didn't have enough time to hang out in Twitter and

But now I'm interested in all over again. Tapbots, the creators of Tweetbot — my favorite Twitter client — have released Netbot, an client for iPhone and iPad. It's as similar to Tweetbot as an client can be, and so much fun that I'm reacclimating myself to

And it has a feature designed for folks who like but haven't abandoned Twitter: crossposting. Each time you post an update on, you can push it out to Twitter, too.

That's the only Twitter-related feature in Netbot. If you want to read tweets from other people — including anything that Twitter users say in response to your post — you'll need to use a full-blown Twitter client. Still, when you have something to say, it lets you easily say it on both and Twitter, from a top-notch app. That's a big deal.

Netbot is $4.99 for iPhone, and $4.99 for iPad. That's a large investment by App Store standards, and it's more than Tweetbot, which is $2.99 in both of its variants. I'm not complaining though. It's worth the dough, and the apps are so good that I'm going to get more out of the $50 I've already invested in