Angry Birds: Star Wars Beaming Up (or Whatever) on November 8

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Space! A long time ago in a final frontier, Jean-Luc Skywalker and a rowdy gang of merry men stole from the stars and gave to the Sneetches who had no stars upon thars. That’s the basic premise of Star Wars, from what I understand.

Except now, the Angry Birds will be stealing their eggs back from the non-adjectived pigs. The birds represent characters from the Rebellion (Hans Olo, Jean-Luc Skywalker, Alpaca, Princess Peach, etc.) while the pigs represent characters from the Empire (Garth Vader, Emperor Pepitone, General Gracious, etc.) – sounds fun!

Get your Stargates ready and opened up or however that Star Wars beam-me-up stuff works for receiving Angry Birds: Star Wars on November 8.

Angry Birds: Star Wars [Rovio’s Tumblr via Kotaku]