Out-of-Work Stormtrooper Lands Job Guarding Google’s Servers

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Has enough time passed that we’re now finally able to confront the reality affecting all the Stormtroopers who have been displaced since the final scenes of Return of the Jedi? It’s tough finding work when you’ve been in such a specialized field for so long!

One inspiring Stormtrooper success story comes to us courtesy of Google’s indoor Street View tour of its North Carolina data center:



You’ll notice that this Stormtrooper has traded in his Empire-issued boots for some snazzy new “kicks” – that’s what cool kids call shoes, right? – and appears to be getting along amicably with R2-D2. It’s as if the bickering between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance never happened.

Other hidden gems have been spotted by eagle-eyed Hacker News users, including Google’s secret future plans, a double Rickrolling, a Princess Bride reference and more. Good stuff.

Google’s data centers are guarded by stormtroopers [Hacker News]

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