‘Trekkie Dating’ Site Is Pretty Much Exactly Like It Sounds

Now there's no need to wait until the official Star Trek conventions to meet your match.

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“Can I beam you up for a conversation?”

That is one of the “flirts” you can send to clingy Klingons on Trekkie Dating, a new dating website for Star Trek fans who wish to “live love and prosper.”

Now there’s no need to wait until the official Star Trek conventions to meet your match. It’s free to sign up on trekkiedating.com, make a profile, browse, upload photos, and send “flirty” messages to other singles (the site has a list of both generic and Star Trek-themed flirts). But to send longer messages, you must upgrade to a premium membership, which costs $25.

Gregory Anders and Frank Farkas, who work at the site’s parent company Online Connections, shared the best Star Trek lines that users have written to describe themselves:

“Nothing seduces me like a man who speaks Vulcan”
“Let’s talk over a cup of Raktajino” [Klingon coffee]
“Looking for a nerd to call my own”
“Searching the galaxy for my Lt. Commander Data” [an android who got around]
“Greetings Earthlings”
“Lovin’ you makes me feel…logical”

“Flirts” (pickup lines) that singles can send one another include:

“You must have been shot with a phaser set to stunning!” [the main weapon in the show]
“Tell me of this thing you humans call (pause) love.”
“Can I tribble you for a chat?” [tribbles are small, furry creatures]
“Logic tells me we have a lot in common!”

Anders and Farkas said soon users will be able to select their “race,” for there are so many different alien races in the Star Trek universe.

Online Connections runs similar niche dating sites for cowboys, bikers, cat lovers, “local goths,” and people who have tattoos (“Ink Dating”).