The 5 Best Sites for Downloading Gorgeous Retina Wallpaper

Bored with Apple's desktop backgrounds? Here's where can you find the crème de la crème artwork without springing for an ultra-megapixel camera.

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DiscoV8 / InterfaceLIFT

Vladstudio. You won’t find many photographs here, but you will find some of the best eclectic digital art on the web. Russian artist Vlad Gerasimov’s collection of desktop wallpapers is frankly peerless, a trove of clever, imaginative, occasionally humorous themes that range from seasonal showcases and riffs on maps of the world to playful musings on digital life.

Cost: Free for lower resolutions, $14.99 for a “premium” membership which unlocks the Retina-quality versions (the membership is one-time and for life).

Vlad Gerasimov / Vladstudio

Vlad Gerasimov / Vladstudio
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