Windows 1.0: The Windows 8 of Its Time

The Verge takes a look back at Microsoft's first graphical interface, and draws some parallels to its new one.

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I keep saying that the closest parallel Windows 8 has in tech history is nothing less than Windows 1.0 itself — a product which had its share of issues and wasn’t a blockbuster, yet turned out to matter a great deal. So I love Sean Hollister’s Windows 1.0 retrospective over at the Verge:

Then as now, companies seemed happy enough with what they had, and worried about how Windows might have a fragmented user experience if software manufacturers don’t follow standards. Then as now, critics suggested that users would really want extra hardware (then, a mouse; now, a touchscreen) in order to get the most out of the operating system. 27 years later, Windows 8 has the challenge of selling Live Tiles and touchscreens to people who don’t necessarily need them to stay competitive. Then, Microsoft promised that Windows sales would be a “slow burn.” We may be there again.