Finally, a Coffin with Built-in Speakers and Spotify Connection

"But you'll be dead. Why would you buy this?" That's the question you'll be getting from everyone. Who cares? You'll be dead. No more questions to answer.

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“But you’ll be dead. Why would you buy this?” That’s the question you’ll be getting from everyone. Who cares? You’ll be dead. No more questions to answer.

This is the CataCombo system, comprised of the CataPlay, the CataTomb and the CataCoffin.

The CataPlay application connects to Spotify, letting you set up a playlist for the afterlife — a playlist you can make private or public. Again, you’ll be dead, so why not make it public so people can add tracks to it?

The CataPlay service then connects to the CataTomb headstone, which features a 4G wireless connection, 7-inch LCD screen that displays the track being played, and a computer to process everything.

The music is then piped from the CataTomb down into the CataCoffin, which sports speakers and an 8-inch subwoofer — all powered by a custom 2.1 amp. The coffin’s interior is, of course, designed for high-quality acoustics.

There’s no mention of how the system is powered (again, you’ll be dead so maybe that’s not an issue).

The whole shebang starts at 23,500 Euro (the company is based in Sweden), which currently pans out to just shy of $31,000. The company behind the CataCombo, called Pause, urges you to drop by the shop in Stockholm — I’m guessing to prove it’s not a hoax — for a demonstration. I asked my editor to send me there to verify the veracity of this miraculous contraption, but apparently our travel budget for one-day trips to coffin/stereo stores in Sweden gets a little tight toward the end of the year.

If you can’t make it to Stockholm either, here’s a video:


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