Northeast Blizzard: Five Great Time-Lapse Videos

There are a bunch of great time-lapse videos of this historic jerk of a storm. Here are five.

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Doug Aamoth /

My car, buried in Boston by the jerky blizzard of 2013.

Winter Storm Nemo, or whatever it was or wasn’t called, whipped through the Northeast and dumped a lot of snow on a lot of good people. People like me in Boston. Look at my car up there. LOOK AT IT!

I probably won’t end up driving it again until sometime this summer. It’s too much trouble to dig it out, and I’m a blogger. Thanks to how the Internet works, I can literally stay holed up in my house for months.

Anyway, I thought I’d join hundreds of other people on YouTube by making a time-lapse video of the storm bringing two+ feet of pure, unadulterated inconvenience into my life. But as the opposite of luck would have it, the very same storm iced up my windows so badly that the 30 hours of footage I shot are about as exciting in real time as they are revved to 10,000% their original speed.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t great time-lapse videos of this historic jerk of a storm, though. Here are five.

Run, little gnome! Save yourself!


Shot in Gilford, New Hampshire.

Watch the tides going up and down in the background.


Shot in Manorhaven, New York.

This is pretty much what my backyard looks like, too.


Shot in Boston, Massachusetts.

Check out how fast the snow piles up toward the end.


Shot in Melrose, Massachusetts.

This one’s my favorite. Buy that guy working the snowblower a beer or six.


Shot in Boston, Massachusetts.

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