Twitter to Take TweetDeck Web-Only, Axe Facebook Integration

We had a good run, TweetDeck. Thanks for the memories.

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We had a good run, TweetDeck. Thanks for the memories.

Your ability to show me my Twitter feed and Facebook feed in a single column, combined with the ability to post work-related updates to both Facebook and Twitter at the same time while converting our URLs to custom Bitly shortlinks on the fly will not be forgotten. You may not have been used the same way by others, but to me, you were perfect.

I don’t mind the web-only version of you. The future is in the cloud, after all, and getting rid of your desktop, Android and iPhone apps makes it that much easier for Twitter to update you across the board.

When Twitter bought you in May of 2011, some worried that your ability to pull in updates from multiple social networks would wither on the vine. T’was a cold December that same year, as you lost LinkedIn, Foursquare, MySpace and Google Buzz integration. Facebook was all that remained — but it was all that I needed.

Let’s make the best of the remaining time we have together. In May, when your Facebook integration draws its final breath and the sound of a million uninstallation procedures rips through the aether in unison, I’ll remember the words of a band that once thought they’d be bigger than the Beatles: I won’t look back in anger.

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