Goodbye iPhone, Hello Android

Longtime tech journalist Andy Ihnatko has published a great piece on why he switched from an iPhone 4S to a Samsung Galaxy S III.

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Longtime tech journalist Andy Ihnatko is, it’s safe to say, best known for writing about Apple products. But he’s also a very level-headed guy. And over at TechHive, he’s published a great piece — the first of a three-parter — on why he switched from an iPhone 4S to a Samsung Galaxy S III.

A sample:

After just a couple of weeks with the Samsung Galaxy S III, my iPhone 4S screen stopped seeming “normal-sized.” At first it became “small” and ultimately it became “too small.”

And when I put my phone in a car dock, the iPhone now seems minuscule. There’s almost always more information on the Samsung’s screen. It’s all easier to read, and the controls are either larger, or they’re or grouped less tightly, which makes them easier to hit. The iPhone seems to disappear in the dash.

Mind you, I’ve been driving with iPhones for years and I was always very happy with them. But to me, the difference between an iPhone 4S or even an iPhone 5 screen and the 4.8″ display of the GS3 is like the 24″ color TV in my parents’ living room and the 45″ HDTV in mine.

The whole story is worth your time whether you’re a diehard iPhone fan, an Android partisan or someone who — like me — has wavered back and forth between platforms and will probably continue to do so. (At the moment, I’m on an iPhone 5, mostly because I still find the overall quality of its App Store offerings markedly superior to those in Google Play.)

Why I switched from iPhone to Android [TechHive]