Michael Mace on the PC Industry’s Woes

The story of Dell's proposed buyout tells us a lot about the challenges of the PC industry in general.

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Michael Mace of Mobile Opportunity has blogged at length about the proposed buyout(s) which would take PC behemoth Dell private. If, like me, you don’t care much about whether Dell is public or private, that might sound tedious. But it’s actually a wonderful, wonderfully insightful read, because Mace’s real topic is the future of the PC business — especially the Windows PC business — in general.

Along the way, he also says something about business and punditry which we should all keep in mind every time we read anyone’s analysis of anything:

The problem with analyzing a company’s motivations is that you tend to assume there’s a logical explanation for the things it did. Often there’s not. Company managers are frequently fearful or misinformed, and sometimes they just make dumb mistakes.