The Next-Generation PC: A Modest Proposal

Mobile Opportunity's Michael Mace reimagines the PC, and comes up with something which is nothing like Windows 8 or the iPad.

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I keep linking to posts by Michael Mace of Mobile Opportunity for one simple reason: they’re all great.

In his newest piece, Mace comes up with some specific suggestions for how the traditional PC can make a giant leap forward in the years to come, without merely mimicking the tablet:

Although Windows and Macintosh are both showing their age, I think there is enormous opportunity for a renaissance in personal computing. (By personal computing, I mean the use of purpose-built computers for productivity tasks including the creation and management of information.) I’m not saying there will be a renaissance, because someone has to invest in making it happen. But there could be a renaissance, and I think it would be insanely great for everyone who depends on a computer for productivity.

In this post I’ll describe the next-generation personal computing opportunity, and what could make it happen.

I don’t instantly buy all of Mace’s ideas — for one thing, I’ve never seen a 3D display, at any price, with or without glasses, that doesn’t feel like an unsuccessful party trick — but they all make for excellent reading.