Windows Blue: Undoing a Mistake Is Never a Mistake

ZDnet's Mary Jo Foley on the possibility that Microsoft may undo some of its Windows 8 decisions: smart!

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I was confused by Microsoft’s decision to remove the Start button from Windows 8, and make it impossible to boot directly to the classic Windows desktop. But I’m equally confused by the notion that there’s any downside to Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Blue undoing those bold-but-bad decisions, as it now seems likely it may.

So I’m glad to see that at least one smart Windows watcher — ZDnet’s Mary Jo Foley — has the same take:

Windows Blue, from all leaks and tips I’ve received, is not a do-over. (If it were, it would take Microsoft a lot longer than nine or ten months to deliver it.) And ignoring customer confusion isn’t a virtue; it’s stupidity.

This armchair pundit finds it refreshing to hear Windows honchos admit that Windows 8 isn’t selling as well as they hoped and that they want to make its successor more comfortable, familiar and usable for the Windows installed base.