Here’s What Googlers Think of The Internship

Over at Quora, a Google employee has summarized his colleagues' reaction to the new Google movie.

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When I wrote about The Internship–the new Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson movie set at Google—I said I wondered what people who work at Google think of it. Jeremy Hoffman does work at Google. And over at Quora, he compiled an interesting guide to how he and his colleagues feel about the film. (Executive summary: They like some things about it, and dislike others.)

Here's a sample, but if you care about this topic at all, read his whole post.

We like how Google comes across

    • Googlers are smart, hard-working, and cooperative.
    • Googlers are passionate about building great products that make people's lives better.
    • Google spares nothing to keep its employees happy and productive.
    • Google values diversity.

We cringed at the stereotypes

Overheard at the Googleplex:

First Googler: “I missed Sergey's cameo because I was cringing so hard.”

Second Googler: “You know there were two, right?”

Many of us were uncomfortable with the stereotypes of nerds, women, overweight people, and various ethnicities that were going for cheap laughs, and often didn't even get those. But some have pointed out that it could have been worse. Much worse.