NeverWet: What Kind of Strange, Sick and Wonderful Water-Repelling Voodoo Is This?!

If you watch one video today, watch this video. You won't be sorry.

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“I’m looking for some NeverWet,” I said to the first person I could find inside my local Home Depot on Saturday. I was trying not to sound too excited while at the same time somehow trying to say NeverWet in the least sexual way possible. It’s kind of a weird product name.

But it’s a good product name in the sense that, as you can see in the above video, whatever you spray it on appears to never get wet. The first demo, where the girl sprays the NeverWet into the cooking pan, makes my brain hurt. Water isn’t supposed to behave like that.

“You and everyone else,” replied the Home Depot guy. I was lost in thought like Ralphie in A Christmas Story dreaming about his Red Ryder BB gun, but quickly snapped back into reality, remembering that I had asked where to find the stuff.

So for now, my dreams of coating my shirts with NeverWet before daring unsuspecting friends, family and neighbors to treat me like a contestant on Double Dare will have to wait. At least Home Depot’s site now lists a ship-to-store option; that’s more than I had to work with when I first checked the site on Saturday. As Lancaster Online reports, the $20 product will shortly begin rolling out to stores other than Home Depot.

If you watch one video today, watch the above video. You won’t be sorry. Once I get my hands on this stuff, I’ll shoot a video here attempting to recreate some of the magic – especially the waterproof-the-iPhone trick.

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