PaperDude VR: Paperboy Meets Virtual Reality Helmet Meets Motion Sensor Meets Connected Bike

Paperboy meets modern technology.

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This is what happens when people my age — longing for the simpler days of slamming their fists on their Apple II keyboards in a fit of rage after crashing into a breakdancer on the sidewalk – pay homage to Paperboy in 2013. That breakdancer haunts my nightmares to this day, as does every obstacle in the level-ending obstacle courses.

While the original Paperboy was fiendishly difficult, Globacore’s PaperDude VR trades fewer obstacles for a virtual reality helmet (the new-ish Oculus Rift), a connected bike and a Kinect motion sensor. Like the original Paperboy, you virtually ride through a suburban neighborhood; unlike the original, in this version, you use throwing motions to toss the papers into the fine citizens’ mailboxes.

Check out the above video to see everything in action. Sadly, we – the general public – may never get to play PaperDude VR. It’s a resume-builder of sorts for Globacore, a Toronto-based digital services company.

PaperDude VR [Globacore via BuzzFeed]