Apple Is Selling All Eight Harry Potter Movies for $10 – Other Movie Bundle Deals, Too

I caved.

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Updated 11:12AM: The Harry Potter bundle is now $60, though the Lord of the Rings bundle is still at $10. These are “limited-time prices” according to Apple’s promotional text in the iTunes movie section, so it looks like there may have been a limit on the number of Harry Potter bundles that could be sold for $10. The other bundle deals may expire soon as well.

I caved. Will I ever watch all eight Harry Potter movies? Who knows? But for $10, I at least have access to them all.

That’s one of the deals that Apple is running through its iTunes store right now, as spotted by a user over in the FatWallet forums.

There are other deals, too – one of the better ones being the Lord of the Rings trilogy for $10.

Here’s a link to the complete list. You’ll need to have iTunes installed on your computer to open it.

Here are all the available movie bundles: