Smartwatch Is the New Black

I'm not saying smartwatches will be the next 3DTV, but there seems to be a somewhat similar trend brewing.

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Pebble, MetaWatch, i'm Watch, Sony

I’m not saying smartwatches will be the next 3DTV – something the industry claimed we all needed but relatively few of us bought – but there seems to be a somewhat similar trend brewing.

The difference, of course, is that we may own a 3D-capable TV by default someday if 3D becomes just another standard feature like high definition. You’ll have to proactively buy a smartwatch, however.

That being said, gadget makers apparently see a demand for smartwatches, with rumors of wrist-worn devices on the way from Google, Microsoft, Apple and Samsung. And there are several that already exist – the Pebble being the most popular example, albeit still something of a niche product. Sony’s about to roll out its second one; Casio has a sorta-smartwatch line, too.

Samsung’s previously-rumored watch has gotten another bump recently, with Bloomberg now claiming that the device will be called the Galaxy Gear and will be introduced in connection with the IFA gadget show in Berlin on September 4.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, Samsung’s Android watch “can make phone calls, surf the Web and handle e-mails.” It’s not stated in the article, but it would be interesting to know if this watch connects to an existing Android phone to handle all these functions, or if it has its own cellular connection to allow it to function on its own.

The ability to work on its own and battery life will be the big features that separate one smartwatch from the next. I know everyone wants long battery life, but I’m not sure who wants a watch that works with their phone and who wants a watch that works without a phone.

I’m personally keen on a phone-less watch idea, but I don’t want to pay for a separate cell service plan, so I’d probably end up opting for a watch similar to the Pebble, which has a low-power screen for long battery life and connects to an existing smartphone to leverage its data connection.

It’d have to be cheap, though, as in less than $100. I agree with Harry. Right now, smartwatches are a great idea – except for the “smart” and “watch” parts. It’s probably going to take at least a few generations for them to even have a shot at being must-have devices.

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