Winbot Window-Washing Robot: Like Roomba, but for Windows

If you have windows so large that you're considering this $400 window-washing robot, congratulations on all your success.

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Hammacher Schlemmer

If you have windows so large that you’re considering this $400 window-washing robot, congratulations on all your success.

Me? I have regular windows. If this robot could talk, I have a feeling it would tell me that it doesn’t spin up its squeegee for anything smaller than a floor-to-ceiling job.

According to the Winbot site, the vacuum can “generate enough suction to the window to support the unit and allow it to maneuver easily.” You can also use a safety pod attached further along the Winbot’s power cord (it’s not cordless like a Roomba) to catch it if it loses suction for some reason.

As for the actual cleaning process, Hammacher Schlemmer’s product page reads as follows:

The robot determines the size of a window, maps out the optimal cleaning path, and cleans in a thorough, efficient pattern while automatically avoiding frames and sills. Users simply spray the included cleaning solution on the front microfiber cleaning pad and it removes dirt, grime, and smudges as the robot courses across a window. The undermounted squeegee directs excess moisture to the rear microfiber pad that dries the window and wipes away streaks. An internal vacuum pump and dual suction cups ensure the robot remains affixed to a window and anti-slip treads allow it to course confidently across glass. The included remote control allows users to direct the robot to a specific area and the robot is lined with a soft rubber bumper that protects window frames.

“I’m tired of reading, Doug. Is there a video?” Yes. Yes, there is.


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