Report: New iPhone May Be Available in Gold Color

It's apparently not a gaudy over-the-top gold, but more of a champagne hue.

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Over on TechCrunch, MG Siegler says his sources have indicated that the next iPhone will be available in a gold color – not gaudy over-the-top gold, but more of a champagne hue.

In other words: don’t worry. You’ll apparently still hear about $4,700 24-karat iPhones and maybe even another $15 million iPhone with a black diamond as the home button. It’d be a damn shame to live in a world where super opulent iPhones didn’t exist, right?

No, this rumored gold-colored iPhone sounds like it’d be available to regular people. There’s some question as to whether the next iPhone will come in an iPhone 5S version and a lower-cost iPhone 5C version, the “C” possibly denoting “color,” with various hues available. Perhaps the gold color would be one of them. It doesn’t sound like the black and white versions of the iPhone are going anywhere, either.

In any event, I’ve just written more about a rumored iPhone color than should be allowed. Thanks for reading. We’ll supposedly get the real details on September 10, when Apple’s expected to roll out the next iPhone.

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