The Grand Theft Auto V Launch Trailer Is Here Because, Yep, We’re That Close

It's the final countdown...

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September 17, a little more than two weeks from now — a Tuesday, the 260th day of the year and (probably coincidental) Constitution Day in the U.S. — is when Grand Theft Auto V shows up in stores over five years after its predecessor. Whether it turns out to be spectacular or a spectacular mess, I can think of nothing more anticipated this year — including BioShock Infinite and StarCraft II — on any platform.

And now you can behold the official launch trailer from Rockstar (it just dropped). As launch trailers go, it’s pretty lean — roughly a minute of fast-cut dramedy clips and a jet-blowing-up-a-bridge money shot. So if you’re looking for something that passes for insight into how the game plays, you’re probably after something more like this: