After Launching a Cheap iPhone, Apple Could Be Going Big

Following next week’s release of a cheaper iPhone, could Apple have plans for phones with screens as large as six inches?

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Andy Rain / EPA

Apple's iPhone 5 on sale at a store in central London, Britain, 21 September 2012. Apple fans queued for up 0to a week outside stores in London in anticipation of the phone’s release.

At a release event next week, Apple is expected to unveil its first budget version of the iPhone. However, the bigger news, literally, seems to lie ahead. The Wall Street Journal reports that the California-based company is currently evaluating models with a range of screen sizes, spanning from 4.8 to 6 inches, as compared to the 4 inches of iPhone 5.

Offering iPhones in different sizes is a clear sign that the company is searching for a strategy to compete with market leader Samsung’s large-screen smartphones, and to counter inroads made by Samsung and other competitors in countries such as China and India.