Steve Jobs Gets Ready to Go On TV (for the First Time?) in 1978

"God, look at that. Look, I'm on television!"

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“God, look at that. Look, I’m on television!”

Mental Floss has embedded a YouTube video of a young Steve Jobs preparing to be interviewed by San Francisco’s KGO-TV in 1978. The video has been online for years already, but it’s Friday and you’re pretending to be busy until you see your boss slip out early, at which point you’ll slip out 15 minutes later once you’re sure you won’t pass each other on the highway.

According to the post:

Though footage of the interview itself has (probably) been lost, the prep from 30 minutes before still exists. This is billed as Steve’s first TV appearance, and it certainly seems that’s true.

It seems that way considering Jobs jokes about being “ready to throw up at any moment.” It’s hard to say if this is definitely, undisputedly the first time Jobs had ever, ever, ever been on TV, but it certainly wouldn’t be his last.

Given the year, it’s likely that Jobs was promoting the Apple II, which had hit the scene around that time. It’s also uncanny — to me, at least — how much Jobs looks like Ashton Kutcher in this video. Kutcher, of course, would go on to play Steve Jobs in a feature-length movie 35 years later.

Watch Steve Jobs Prep for His First TV Interview [Mental Floss]