Apple Releases iOS 7.0.2, Fixes Lock Screen Bug

No more slipping past the Lock Screen to access private photos and videos.

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The latest version of iOS 7 just dropped, iOS 7.0.2, though don’t get too excited — it fixes one of the more egregious launch bug — the one that let users bypass the Lock Screen and access or forward on private photos and videos — but apparently none of the others.

The workaround for that bug involved disabling the Control Center’s accessibility outside the Lock Screen, but at least there¬†was a workaround. Some of the remaining bugs, including one that lets you make phone calls from a locked iPhone by hammering on the call button in emergency mode, currently have no resolution. [Update: I haven’t confirmed this with Apple, but the 7.0.2¬†may fix the emergency call option bypass/crash — I’ve been trying to reproduce the bug on my iPhone 5, and while I could get the phone to crash and dial out before, I can’t anymore.]

The other fix: reintroduction of a Greek keyboard.

The good news: 7.0.2 appears to be a smallish update, size-wise. I pulled it down in just a few minutes time. To grab it, just drop into your iOS device’s “Settings,” then “General,” then select “Software Update.”