Looking for a Gold iPhone 5s? Raffi Jaharian Can Help

"It's just best."

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While Apple may contend that the innards of the silver and black iPhone 5s models are identical to the gold version, Raffi Jaharian claims otherwise.

“Gold is best,” says Jaharian (VP, Gold) in the above video. “iPhone go faster, bigger, louder, quieter, smaller, sexier, wetter, taller. More business deal. It’s just best.”

While gold iPhone 5s models have been hard to come by, Jaharain claims that he’ll sell you a gold iPhone 5s for double its retail price, down from triple its price as you’d find on eBay, and that you should go around the back of your local Apple store to get one.

“Don’t talk to Geniuses; talk to one of my nephews,” says Jaharain.

You can also order online at: ww.GiveMeGoldPhoneNow/okIGotYou/ThanksRaffiYouTheMan_YouGotItMan\GoldIsBest.Yes#

The site is currently not working, which is most certainly a sign of how popular the gold iPhone model has been.

You can also check out the story of the gold iPhone 5s in the video below. Instead of being in Cupertino with the rest of the Apple team, Jaharian and his team designed the gold iPhone from a satellite office in Miami Beach.


“Gold is best. Best. Best. Best,” reiterates Jaharian. You can connect with Jaharian on his excellent Facebook page.

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