Make Your iPhone 5 Look Like an iPhone 5s for Less Than $20

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Gadget envy: We’ve all been there. It’s ugly. It makes your face feel hot in the forehead and cheek regions. 

If you’re currently sporting an iPhone 5 and you find yourself stuffing your hurty feelings waaaay down into your tum-tum every time you see someone with an iPhone 5s, there may be a solution for you.

While it won’t actually get you any of the new features found in the 5s, MobileFun’s $19.49 iPhone 5s Upgrade Kit — available in gold, silver and space gray to match the iPhone 5s colors, of course — might be enough to trick your friends into thinking you’re rocking the latest in Apple-branded gadgetry. “Why doesn’t your fingerprint scanner work?” *throws smoke bomb on the ground and runs away*

Here below is an almost four-minute video detailing how to install the gold version. This gold kit might make a nice place-holder for those of you actually waiting to get a gold iPhone 5s anyway. Try Raffi first, of course, but if he can’t get you a gold iPhone 5s, this $20 sticker kit could help.


iPhone 5S Upgrade Kit for iPhone 5 [MobileFun via Technabob]