Robot Takes Rubik’s Cube from Jumbled to Solved in One Second

The whole process actually takes longer than a second, but the headline has to make you feel like if you didn't click on it you'd be missing out on something incredible.

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The robot in the above video leverages the miracle of computing to analyze a jumbled up Rubik’s cube and then solve it in less than a second. The initial analysis of the cube takes longer than a second, though. I realize you must be disappointed after having clicked your way here only to learn that it actually takes more than a second. Feel free to read one fewer thing on the Internet today to make up for it.

If you’re looking for a robot that handles both analyzing and solving in one fell swoop, take the below LEGO-fied CubeStormer II for a whirl. Caveat: It takes 5.35 seconds for the CubeStormer II to scan the Rubik’s cube and then solve it. “But I need something that can scan and solve a Rubik’s cube much faster than that.” Well, then grow your fingernails out and get really good at peeling off the stickers, I guess.


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