Adobe Hacked, 3 Million Customer Accounts Compromised

The company has reassured customers that credit card numbers were encrypted and passwords have already been reset

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Adobe confirmed on Thursday that hackers breached the company’s secure networks and stole source code and sensitive information from 2.9 million customers. The information includes names, passwords, and credit card records. An announcement from the company’s chief security officer reassured customers that the credit card numbers were encrypted, affected passwords have already been reset, and customers were being notified of breaches. Anxious customers can always reset their passwords here.

Cybersecurity analysts Brian Krebs and Alex Holden first alerted the company to the attack when they discovered 40GB-worth of the company’s source code stashed on a server heavily trafficked by hackers. The hackers are believed to be part of an identity theft service that sells birth and financial records online. According to Krebs, records from Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Michelle Obama have turned up on the hacker’s network.