Fox News’ Futuristic Newsroom Features Supersized Tablets

It plans to "revolutionize" news with giant tablets, Twitter streams and a 38-foot-long video wall

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Fox News is attempting to reach the Millennial digital generation by basing its entire newsroom around new technology and Twitter feeds. News anchor Shepard Smith toured the newfangled Fox “News Deck” Monday, revealing a room full of “information specialists” who sit behind 55-inch touch screen computers (Windows-based) to monitor developing stories.

Smith uses a Wii-like remote control — which he notes has never been used before in news — to move photos and videos around on a 38-foot-long wall. The idea is that the “information specialists” will spend the day vetting and confirming stories on the giant Big Area Touchscreens (BATs), which are then projected onto the video wall and separated by what is confirmed and what is being reported.

The Minority Report-looking room is a new effort to engage younger generations who use smartphones and apps to mine news throughout the day. “Just like you, we get our news across multiple platforms,” he said in a video profiling the newsroom.

But the sci-fi scene is not connecting with a new audience as much as it is inspiring new gifs.

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