Parks and Recreation Reimagined as Super Mario Bros.

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This is so wonderfully weird, it’s a shame it doesn’t exist. It’s a bigger shame that it will probably never exist.

The concept is pretty much just like it sounds. Jen Lewis over at BuzzFeed has taken Super Mario Bros. and swapped in Leslie Knope as the protagonist, traded coins for waffles and for some reason made Ron a turkey-leg-throwing bad guy. Councilman Jamm is a bad guy, too, which I get. Ron should be a good guy and should eat the turkey legs, right? Although he does try to prevent Leslie from undertaking various projects, so I guess that’s kind of bad. But still: eat the turkey legs.

Anyway, click through to the post and wish you lived in a world where this actually was a thing that was real.

If “Parks And Recreation” Were An Old-School Nintendo Game [BuzzFeed]