Twitter Feature Lets People DM You Without a Follow-Back

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Good news? It looks like Twitter may be rolling out the ability for you to receive direct messages from followers you don’t follow back.

If you’ve never used the feature before, it’s basically like sending direct, private e-mail messages back and forth, except each message is limited to 140 characters. Until now, two Twitter users had to be mutually following one another for the feature to work. Some users are now reporting the option to open your account up to direct messaging from anyone, though the option is off by default.

As Pocket-lint points out, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for regular people to turn this feature on, noting “It’s a bit like giving your email address to everyone, including spammers.” But it could be useful for companies, especially ones trying to handle customer service via Twitter.

Pocket-lint first noticed Twitter user @JimConnolly pointing out the feature. Apparently not everyone has it yet (I happen to have it), but if and when it shows up in your account, you’ll be able to toggle it in the settings area.

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