Honda Shows Off Cars That Valet Park Themselves

It's 2013 and we're still parking our own cars. There's GOT to be a better way!

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“Hey, you can’t park here!” yells the policeman at the airport.

“Keep it!” you yell back, flipping your keys to the policeman. “My one and only true love is about to get on an airplane and fly out of my life forever!”

The opportunity to have this scene play out in your life is dwindling fast. Also: In real life, the cop tackles you, handcuffs you, and you sit in airport jail until your parents bail you out.

Honda is developing a self-parking car, the idea being that you’d show up at the store (or airport?), pull up in front of the entrance, get out, and your car would park itself. When you’re done with your shopping (or convincing your one and only true love not to fly to Omaha and out of your life forever?), your car would find its way back to you.

The concept system seen in the above video leverages the rear-facing parking camera found in many cars, coupled with various security cameras set up around the parking lot. All that’s missing is the tech needed to allow the cars to drive themselves around, but Honda thinks the whole shebang could come together by 2020 or earlier.

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