Amazon Set-Top Box May Be Pushed to 2014

A streaming video box has been rumored for months, but a launch isn't imminent.

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Getty Images's Jeff Bezos explains the company's strategy at its media event in Santa Monica, California on September 6, 2012.

Amazon has reportedly hit a snag in its plans to invade the living room, and may not launch its rumored set-top box until next year.

The Verge’s unnamed sources claim that Amazon “recently made the decision to delay the device, possibly beyond the holiday season.” The report doesn’t give a reason for the delay, and it doesn’t seem to completely rule out a launch later this year, but a holiday launch now looks “increasingly unlikely,” the story says.

Amazon reportedly wants to offer a TV box, similar to Apple TV or Roku, as a way of selling more digital content to users. The company already has a subscription video service and on-demand stores for music and video, but no other major TV boxes put those sources front-and-center like Amazon supposedly wants to.

The Verge’s story also mentions possible third-party app support on Amazon’s set-top box. We heard a variation on that theme earlier this year, when Game Informer reported that Amazon was working on a game console. These devices are probably one and the same, with games being one kind of third-party application available.