EA Sports and Tiger Woods Part Ways

Golf video game franchise discontinued after 15 years.

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Golf video games and Tiger Woods have gone together like butter on toast for what seems like an eternity. Not anymore. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 will end a 15-year-old franchise, as EA Sports have decided to part ways with the American golfer.

The video games Woods headlined infused a new “cool” into golf, but waning professional success and an infidelity scandal in 2009 have deflated the 14-time Major winner’s brand. EA Sports was one of the few notable sponsors that stood by the golfer, but since 2010, his prominence in their games has diminished, with other players appearing on the game covers as well.

Eric Fisher of SportsBusiness Journal, who broke the news, posted an early photo of how the first post-Tiger-era EA Sports golf game could look to his Twitter-feed.