Sony Just Unveiled the Mother of All PlayStation 4 FAQs

Everything you wanted to know about the PS4.

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You know all those pre-launch hardware FAQs the game blogs like to run before new consoles arrive? Yeah, forget about them, because Sony just rolled one out that’ll take you the better part of an afternoon to comb through, and it covers everything short of Sony Japan honcho Kazuo Hirai’s favorite Kaz Hirai animated GIF. I’m loathe to try to find the PS4 minutia that hasn’t been covered already, because good lord, look at the size of this thing.

But okay, I suppose the power brick thing’s new, because, you know, covering the bases. Someone (or someones) must have been pestering Sony about internal versus external power supplies, because there’s the answer, right up top under “What comes in the PS4 box at launch?” Not an external power brick, unlike the Xbox 360 (or, apparently, the Xbox One). Make of that what you will.

I’m pleased to see the company divulging the sort of spec drill-down you sometimes have to wait for interviews to get, like the hard drive spinning at 5400 RPM and supporting SATA II (also, that you’ll need a minimum 160GB hard drive if you’re going to drop your own in). Alas, external hard drives will not be supported: point, Microsoft.

And lest you thought the PlayStation 4’s default launch color was clearly “black,” oh no, think again. It’s apparently “jet black.” Get it right, people!