L.A. Creates New Center to Stop Cyber Attacks

Mayor says e-security is a priority.

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JOE KLAMAR / AFP/Getty Images

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who announced the creation of the city's first cybersecurity command center on Wednesday.

The mayor of Los Angeles has announced the creation of a new command center to prevent potential hackers or foreign enemies from disrupting the computer networks behind the city’s public services.

The Cyber Intrusion Command Center will bring together computer experts and municipal agencies to respond to attempts to break into government systems that govern water, power, traffic and public safety, among others, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has often called for the city’s technology to be overhauled, said cybersecurity was one of Los Angeles’ biggest potential weaknesses. The┬áharbor and international airport, which are among the busiest in the world, are key targets for attackers, he said.

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