Motorola Teases Moto G, Probably a Cheap Smartphone

Announcement coming on November 13.

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Motorola will reportedly enter the cheap smartphone fray when it announces the Moto G next week.

Motorola’s website is now teasing the announcement, with a spinning globe and a date of November 13 presented in multiple languages. The site could be hinting at a low-cost, unlocked phone, with an eye on world travelers and¬†overseas markets. (“G” for “global,” perhaps?)

Rumors have claimed that the Moto G will have a 4.5-inch 720p display and a minimum 8 GB of storage. There seems to be some disagreement on camera specs, with GSMArena claiming 5 megapixels, and evleaks claiming 8 megapixels. GSMArena says the phone will cost 135 pounds (around $215) without a contract, while evleaks says it’ll be free with a two-year commitment.

More important than tech specs is what kind of software features Motorola will carry over from the flagship Moto X. The Moto X has great software, with the ability to trigger voice commands from across the room and have the phone light up with notifications immediately as you take it out of your pocket. I also found the Moto X’s out-of-box experience to be extremely well thought out, with just the right wallpaper, ringtones and home screen layout. Clever software could be what Motorola needs to stand out from the cheap smartphone herd.

The other question is whether the Moto G will be customizable in any way. With the Moto X, AT&T customers can choose color patterns, wallpapers and greetings through the Moto Maker website, but this is largely possible for U.S. customers because the phones are assembled in Texas. Moto Maker might not be feasible in other markets.

Motorola says it will announce the Moto G “live online,” so presumably there will be some kind of stream to watch on November 13.